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Air North News

Air North, Yukon's Airline Reinvents Inflight Entertainment with Elevated Entertainment

April 1, 2015

Whitehorse, Yukon - April 1, 2015 - Air North, Yukon's Airline today announced that it is leapfrogging the airline industry to deliver a truly unique experience for its passengers: Elevated Entertainment.

"Our passengers love our inflight service, especially the fresh-made meals and treats like the warm cookies," said Allan Moore, Air North's Chief Operating Officer. "But there's one thing that we are asked for on occasion, and that's inflight entertainment."

Traditional inflight systems can add as much as a ton to the weight of the aircraft thanks to the complex mass of servers, screens and wiring required. This in turn increases the fuel burn, making it more expensive to fly and less environmentally-friendly.

The airline instead set out to create something better. Lightweight, innovative, responsive, and which requires no power or wiring whatsoever. After weeks of testing and research, Elevated Entertainment was born. The solution, so beautiful in its simplicity, causes even Air North's normally reserved President, Joe Sparling, to grow misty-eyed.

"When it became apparent what we could do," said Sparling. "I just couldn't believe it. The solution was absolutely unbelievable."

"It's human-powered," said Moore. "What better solution to entertain people than other people? And all without the barrier of a screen to keep you at a distance. Instead, you can enjoy the subtleties of Shakespeare at 36,000 feet. In the aisle, right in front of you."

Models include The Interpretive Dancer, The Standup Comedian, The Mime, and many others. Elevated Entertainment is state-of-the-art and draws from Yukon's rich arts community.

When not in use, the models will be safely stowed in a special artists' nook in the aft galley until their talents are needed inflight.

Elevated Entertainment is available immediately on all Air North, Yukon's Airline flights. The airline has produced a short video highlighting the new service, which may be viewed by clicking here.

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