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Cargo Security Program

Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program Changes

Transport Canada requires that all cargo being shipped on passenger flights go through a security screening process. The following information details how these changes will affect Air North Cargo customers.

  • This change will apply to CATSA – Canadian Air Transport Security Authority - airports. These are airports where passengers receive security screening.
  • CATSA airports within Air North's network are: Whitehorse, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton.

If you're shipping from a CATSA location

  • Cargo must be shipped by a Registered Shipper (applicable only to businesses), or
  • Cargo must be screened by Air North Cargo upon receipt, based upon the new regulations.

If you're shipping from a non-CATSA location

  • Any cargo that is transiting, or passing through, a CATSA location will require screening at the CATSA location prior to continuing to the intended destination.

How to become a Registered Shipper (Businesses Only)

  • Visit Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program website for instructions
  • A Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business Number is required, as well as a referral that can confirm an existing business relationship with respect to shipping air cargo (such as a freight forwarder or air carrier)
  • If your business has an existing relationship with Air North Cargo, we can act as your referral
  • Air North contact name: Jai Raghani
  • Phone: 1.800.661.0407 ext. 2
  • Email: cargo@flyairnorth.com

For all other shippers (Not a registered shipper or without a business number)

  • Your cargo will need to undergo screening or a physical search prior to acceptance by Air North Cargo
  • Air North will charge a security screening fee of $7.50 or $0.07/lb per waybill, whichever is greater
  • Please allow extra time for screening and processing when dropping off cargo
  • Please allow extra time for cargo delivery as the screening process may cause delays
  • Visit this page, flyairnorth.com/cargo-security, for updates should there be changes to this program or our procedures

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