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Corporate Information

Company Profile

Air North, Yukon's Airline is a regionally based carrier providing service within the Yukon and between the Yukon and British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Alaska. Like our northern counterparts, Canadian North Airlines and First Air, we have a First Nations ownership component and we provide service from our territorial region to southern gateways. We are headquartered in the Yukon and we have most of our infrastructure, mobile assets, and our employees based here as well. Scheduled services from and to the Yukon as well as within the Yukon are the mainstay of our business with cargo being an essential component of our scheduled route traffic. Charter flying makes an important contribution to our operation in that it provides valuable incremental aircraft utilization and revenue.

Air North was founded on February 1, 1977 by Joseph Sparling and Tom Wood. The company initially operated a charter service primarily in support of the mining industry. Air North commenced operations with one Cessna 206 and over the next decade operated on wheels, floats, and skis with many aircraft types including the Cessna 150, 172, 185, 206, and 337; the Dehavilland Beaver, Otter, and Caribou; the Britten Norman Islander; the Beech 18 and 80, and the Douglas DC-3 and DC-4. Scheduled services within the Yukon and between the Yukon and Alaska were started in the mid 1980's and in 1996 the company began to replace its piston powered fleet with turbo props.

In 2002 Air North acquired two Boeing 737-200 aircraft and commenced scheduled service between the Yukon and Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Today, Air North's fleet has grown and modernized with newer series Boeing 737 aircraft as well as Hawker Siddeley 748 turboprops.

As of 2012, the airline has flown more than a million passengers on its Boeing 737 fleet between Whitehorse, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton - and in 2013 added service between Whitehorse and Kelowna. Further expansion took place in early 2014, with the addition of a new route between Whitehorse, Yellowknife and Ottawa. In addition, Air North serves scheduled destinations in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, seasonal flights to Alaska, and offers charter services throughout North America (excluding Hawaii).

The company is one of the largest private sector employers in the Yukon, with over 200 full and part-time employees. One in fifteen Yukoners, including the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, hold an equity or employment stake in Air North, Yukon's Airline.

Air North Board of Directors

Joseph Sparling - President Greg Charlie - Vice President Murray Leitch - Vice President Pauline Frost - Director Tom Wood - Director
Joseph Sparling
Greg Charlie
Vice President
Murray Leitch
Vice President
Pauline Frost
Tom Wood
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Vuntut Development Corporation

The Vuntut Development Corporation (VDC) is the economic arm of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation. It is a for-profit company that owns a significant interest in Air North, a road and quarry construction company, several real estate holdings in Old Crow and Whitehorse, and an exciting eco-adventure company that provides for world class grizzly bear viewing opportunities in the northern Yukon.

VDC aims to balance economic development and the natural environment while respecting the traditional lifestyle and culture of the Vuntut Gwitchin. Its goal is to play a major role in the creation of a diversified, balanced, and sustainable economy in the North Yukon, an economy that provides prosperity and certainty for the future for all Vuntut Gwitchin. VDC also is a major sponsor of cultural, recreational, social, and environmental initiatives throughout the Yukon.

Corporate Culture

Our number one corporate priority at Air North is to maximize safety and to minimize the risk of accident or incident in every aspect of our operation. Our Safety Management System involves all company employees and the Safety Officer is accountable directly to the President and CEO.

Our second corporate priority is, quite simply, to respect the interests of our stakeholders, who are:

  1. Our Customers
  2. Our Employees
  3. Our Shareholders

A flight attendant in traiingWith respect to our customers, we strive to provide friendly and helpful service, with a personal touch, at a fair price. We operate in a relatively small community and in an extremely small market. Many of us know many of our customers personally. This is our competitive edge in the market and the way in which we differentiate our product from others. It does not cost anything to be nice. While we are not technically a public company, our performance is very visible in our small community.

With respect to our employees, it is our goal to attract and keep competent and company minded employees. Our management style, starting at the top, is to be very hands on. We endeavor to lead by example. We are very proud of our strong team of employees and we are particularly pleased to note that our turnover is extremely low.

With respect to our shareholders, it is important to note that for many, the maximization of profit is not the number one priority. The VGFN investment in the company was strategic. While it was a business decision, there are other factors which are important to the citizens of Old Crow. Air service is a lifeline to the community and its residents are always very concerned with service and pricing. Employment opportunities are also a consideration for the VGFN. Our Class C shareholders did not purchase growth shares. While they want to see their company succeed they are also keenly interested in service and pricing issues. The interests represented by our shareholders require Air North to maintain a balance between profitability and community interests.

The foregoing sets forth the vision/strategy that the Board of Directors has adopted for the operation of the airline.

Investor Relations

Air North, Yukon's Airline is not currently offering investment shares.

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