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Yukon, North of Ordinary

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Yukon, North of Ordinary is a full-colour, quarterly magazine that features stories about the Yukon's people, places, and events. The magazine brings you the latest in arts, activities, business, northern cooking, photography, and so much more.

The magazine is independently owned and operated by Harper Street Publishing Inc., based in Carcross, Yukon, and is the official in-flight magazine on all Air North flights.

Indulge in the extraordinary and look for it in your seat pocket when you fly with Air North, Yukon's Airline.

Yukon, North of Ordinary is now available to download on iTunes:
Download the iPhone/iPad application from iTunes today!

Yukon, North of Ordinary is also available across Canada in Chapters/Indigo bookstores, not to mention the magazine has more than 2,000 subscribers worldwide.

Don't miss an issue! Go to northofordinary.ca/subscribe today!

Want your ad in the next issue?
Click over to northofordinary.ca/advertise for details.
Or call 1-867-821-3296; email douma@northofordinary.ca or wayne@northofordinary.ca

Yukon North of Ordinary - ON TOUR!

Matthias Hoenisch - Washington, DC   Corporal Robin Mueller - Kandahar, Afghanistan
Gordon Giligan - Masai Mara, Kenya   Bob Chambers - Signal Hill, N.L.
John Cooper   Submit your own "On Tour" images
to the editor at the email address
listed below.

When planning your next vacation, be sure to take a copy of Yukon, North of Ordinary with you. Send us a photo of yourself during your travels anywhere outside of the territory and you could be featured in the "On Tour" section of the magazine. If you're featured you'll receive a subscription to Yukon, North of Ordinary!

Send your photo to editor@northofordinary.ca and be sure to include your mailing address and contact information with your submission. Don't forget to tell us where you are and what you're up to in the photo as well.

On Tour submissions can also be sent via mail to the address below.

Harper Street Publishing

PO Box 141
Carcross, Yukon
Y0B 1B0


Tel: 1.867.821.3296
Fax: 1.604.608.9499
Email: greg@harper-street.com
Website: www.northofordinary.ca

Follow us on Twitter: @YukonMagazine
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/NorthOfOrdinary

Kateleen Froese & Kevin Daffe - Mt. Chimborazo, Equador   Gabriela Sgaga - Paris, France
Mary McAvoy - Sydney, Australia   Chris Putnam - Tofino, British Columbia


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